Why read this? My fitness journey: The life and times of an average woman in an average world

Who am I? I’m a 42 yr old woman, I love horses and my husband too (thanks Tom Petty). I am a nurse with 20 years of experience, with a background in ICU and transplant, and I currently work as a lung transplant coordinator. I have a second undergraduate degree in geology and am working on my masters. I’ve traveled somewhat. I love my car.

2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat

2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat

  My heroes are Betty White (because if she’s not your hero you need to rethink your life priorities), Cookie Monster, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I have a sweet tooth of an 8 year old sprinkled with a bit of adulthood. I may have the Sesame Street theme as my ring tone on my phone. The only good cheese is one that smells like a hobo’s sock.

I grew up on a farm where my main transport was a fat lil pony named Penny. I had calves to feed, and chicken coops to clean. I was not popular nor pretty. I had a Swiss accent that got me in trouble in kindergarten and made fun of by my kiddie peers, which continued throughout high school even though the accent disappeared. But I still like small towns. I may have peed myself in third grade because I had to go to the bathroom so bad in the middle of a test and was too shy to ask. I was probably the shiest kid around.

My home life was not great, but I got to go hiking and camping. I was thrown into Air Cadets as my dad wanted to live vicariously through me and jump out of planes. So I did. I was taught how to come out of my shell, and in retrospect it was the best thing for me. I had the time of my life. In essence I was an unpopular nerd in my teens, the ugly duckling with immigrant parents. But I could kick the shit out you as my dad, who maybe foresaw this, thought to put me in Tae Kwon Do and I got my black belt. I have since forgotten everything and I’m sure my 14 year old nephew could beat me up. But I can deadlift almost 250 lbs for 1 rep!

I did the typical thing, and after high school went into nursing because my parents wanted this. I grew up, gained 60 lbs got a job, got married, moved across the country a few times, had some good jobs, lost 60 lbs and met some great people.


 I think I grew out of my shyness, my awkwardness (a little bit) and maybe even grew up to be a decent looking and successful human, in so far as my definition of this is. I’ve said a host of dumb ass shit in my life, but I think I did some good too.

So here I am, 42 years later living in Calgary, with a nice home, a cat and dog and husband, good friends, a job I enjoy, school that keeps me challenged, taking up space on a friends website he graciously offered to me. And pouring my heart out to you dear reader. Read as I talk and share some knowledge about weight gain, weight loss, my fitness journey, and generally trying to figure out the meaning of life on this tiny spinning blue planet, third one away from an unassuming burning ball of gas.


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